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Sound: Field & Ambient Recordings

On this page are random sounds I have recorded. I almost always carry a recorder with me wherever and whenever I go out. Sometimes, if I leave it or need to ‘grab’ a recording quickly I use my phone. The quality is good but the microphone quality is not anywhere near dedicated recorders.

In my opinion, the best way to listen to these recordings are through headphones (or earphones). So, put on headphones, choose a track, hit play, close your eyes and listen. Enjoy

Echos & Bangs

This was recorded underneath an arch of the Maidenhead Railway Bridge which spans the River Thames. Isambard Kingdom Brunel finished building the bridge in 1838. It has two brick built shallow arches are both 39m long with a rise of only 7.4m. Locally, this span is called the ‘Sounding Arch’. As you will hear it produces a interesting echo. Also I rested my recorded on a low wooden and wire fence which I banged and ran my fingers over.

Echos and Bangs from underneath Brunel’s Railway Bridge

Birdsong & Humming at Somerset House, London

Recorded at an exhibition called 24/7 A Wake-Up Call For Our Non-Stop World. This section replicates dawn through light and birdsong. In the background is humming of Hallelujah from another part of the exhibition. (duration: 7’14”)

Birdsong recorded at Somerset House London on December 3, 2019

This next recording is of non-stop humming of Hallelujah. There were an array of microphones hanging down from the ceiling under which visitors were invited to hum along to the tune. Each ‘hum’ was then added to the output which resulted in this eerie soundscape. (duration: 3’44”)

Hallelujah hummed from 24/7 A Wake-Up Call for our Non-Stop World. Somerset House, London. December 2019

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