Travel Worn Satchel

Sound: Narrative

Mostly, I take copious notes when travelling, but occasionally I leave the notebook and pen in the satchel and take out my recorder instead.

Some of the narratives below are ‘audio note taking’ – which are short snippets or descriptions. Others are longer pieces.

These are not ‘produced’ and rarely edited. So it would be misleading to suggest these are podcasts.

In my opinion, the best way to listen to these recordings are through headphones (or earphones).

Pakistan: Karimabad

Karimabad was my first real experience of Northern Pakistan and the Karakorum Mountain range in particular. I arrived late after a long journey from Naran. After waking up early the following morning I stood to watch dawn break over this wonderful country. Below is a short narrative of what I saw (3m 02s)

Karimabad: Dawn breaking

Pakistan: Crossing the Chitral River in a cage

I record my journey in a cage across the raging, cement grey Chitral River. I’ve posted a picture of the ‘cage’ under the audio file…(1m 23s)

Riding the cage across the Chitral River
‘The cage’

Pakistan: Tarashing Morning Walk

Tarashing (sometimes spelt: Tarishing) is a very small village high up the Astore valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Northern Pakistan. It is the village where many of the expeditions to climb Nanga Parbat start from.

This recording is me going for a short walk round the village, during which I meet some carpenters, a farmer on a brightly painted tractor and some children on their way to school. There is also a rambling story about a chicken…as I say earlier, these recordings are not edited nor produced. What I say is what you get… (23m 44s)

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