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Maidenhead Boatyard Podcast

Like a lot of towns in the South East of England, Maidenhead is experiencing a construction boom. Not least because a new, fast rail link into London is planned (albeit delayed) for 2020. So now town centre apartments and offices are being built to meet the perceived demand.

While progress is good, the new buildings seem to overshadow Maidenhead’s rich Edwardian and Victorian heritage. However, on the river Thames, a little way from the town centre is a boatyard that has been operating since 1888. It stands as a reminder of the town’s past.

I talk with the business owner, Michael Fletcher about the yard and its history.

This short podcast was recorded, written and produced by me: David Harden. (further words and pictures can be seen in the ‘Maidenhead Boatyard’ post – click here)


Corona Voices: mini-podcasts recorded and produced by David Harden

What follow is a series of 16 one minute audio casts originally posted on Instagram. They consist of people describing their life during the Corona Virus lockdown in 2020. They range in age from 20 to 66 years old (at the time of recording) and live in various countries: Australia, Iran, the USA, Canada, France, Tunisia, Portugal and the UK.


Amateur Traveler #694 – Northern Pakistan

I had an hour long conversation about Northern Pakistan with the award winning Chris Christensen for his long standing podcast: Amateur Traveller.

Episode 694 can be found on his comprehensive website ( – it’s well worth a visit) or simply listen below:

Amateur Traveler Episode 694 – Travel to Northern Pakistan

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