Below are some random street photographs from various visits to London and Oxford from August to October 2014.

Oxford is such an accessible city inasmuch as it’s close enough to London to get there and back in a day, but also insofar as its centre is very compact. Walking or cycling are the only ways to navigate Oxfords streets, alleyways and passages; cars are not allowed in the centre only buses and taxis. Below are some photographs taken on days visiting the city.

I walked down the Cowley Road during a street festival. The Cowley Road is slightly run-down but the cafes, restaurants and shops all cater for student budgets. In the space of half a mile you can eat your way around the world from China, Japan, Vietnam, Turkey, Lebanon, Italy, UK and even Jamaica. There are a couple of really good coffee shops along the road as well, one is in the Truck Store, Oxfords only record shop where the staff are knowledgeable and helpful.

 From the Cowley Road it’s a ten minute walk to the city centre.

London is so cosmopolitan; linger long enough on a city centre street and you will see an ethnically diverse population pass you by.

South-east Asia came to central London earlier in 2014 when Trafalgar Square was the venue for a celebration of Indonesian culture – although I’m not sure the girl sticking out her chest is being cultured in any sense of the word. I would loved to have asked her why the pose; what was she intending to do with the photo – but I didn’t.


I did a double-take when I saw this mannequin in a window. My first, quick impression, was of a prostitute’s window in Amsterdam’s seedy red-light district.

Final impressions of London: